Future Foundation #2


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BREAK OUT: THE FUTURE FOUNDATION RESCUES…THE MAKER?! The Future Foundation and Yondu planned the perfect prison break, but nobody counted on having to stage two! But when their security breach reveals that Mr. Fantastic is locked away in the galaxy's greatest prison, their perfect plan falls apart. Now Julie – and the person she came to break out – are on their own as Alex leads Yondu, Dragon Man, and Bentley into a high-security cellblock full of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy to save a friend and mentor. But the real Reed Richards is back on Earth – and the Future Foundation is about to break out his greatest enemy. Rated T

Publication date: November 2019

Alex’s mistake leads to the Maker and his minions boarding the Future Foundation’s ship and attacking them. Meanwhile, Julie, Wu, and Vil learn that Rikki Barnes (formerly Nomad) is the prisoner they have helped to escape as they rejoin the team in the midst of the Maker’s attack.

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