Golden Age Flash Archives: Volume 1


Origin of the Flash

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by Gardner Fox; art by Harry Lampert, E.E. Hibbard & Dennis Neville  The earliest adventures of the first super-hero to be called “The Fastest Man Alive” – Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick – are collected in a handsome hardcover volume!  Reprinting the groundbreaking, physics-defying Flash stories from Flash Comics #1-17, the original tales of one of DC’s most-enduring characters get the deluxe treatment they deserve, as the future JSA member (in both its Golden Age and modern incarnations) gains his powers as the result of a science experiment gone awry (inhaling the fumes of “hard water”) and devotes his newfound speed to fighting monstrous creatures, kidnappers, racketeers, and crooked politicians in stories that created a comic-book icon. HC, 7×10, 224pg, FC

Publication date: 1999