Green Lantern Archives Vol. 2 #2


The World of Living Phantoms!

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by Broome, Kane, Giella, Anderson, & Adler
Classic Silver Age adventures of Green Lantern Hal Jordan are collected in
a handsome hardcover edition reprinting Green Lantern (second series)
#6-13. The first Sinestro story; the first team-up between Hal Jordan and an
alien Green Lantern; and a story guest-starring Flash Barry Allen are just a few
of the highlights of Green Lantern Archives Volume 2, a long-awaited
hardcover reprinting Green Lantern (second series) #6-13. The stories
collected in this newest Archive edition established some of the key elements in
the Green Lantern mythos, from Hal Jordan’s friendship with Tomar Re – GL of a
neighboring sector of space – to his career-spanning hatred of the renegade
Green Lantern, Sinestro. Rounded out with a few quirky stories, this Archives
volume has something for Green Lantern readers of any era. Cover by Kane and
Giella. HC, 7×10, 224pg, FC

Publication date: [December] 1999

The World of Living Phantoms!

When Tomar Re has emergencies on two planets at the same time he has to call Hal Jordan to come help. Hal travels to the planet Aku and stops a revolt by the thought images of the original alien race. Hal then travels to Tomar Re’s homeworld and helps him fight off an alien invasion.

The Day 100,000 People Vanished!

In an attempt to capture Green Lantern, Sinestro captures 100,000 people from the town of Valdale. The Guardians warn Green Lantern of Sinestro’s plan and Green Lantern travels to Qward to rescue the citizens of Valdale.

Wings of Destiny!

Green Lantern accidentally changes Pieface into a bird while Green Lantern is having a dream. Later Green Lantern has to meet Terga at the airport and stop a hijacking.

The Challenge from 5700 A.D.!

Zegors, a highly evolved gila monster form, have the earth under attack in 5700 AD, and the ruling Solarite council brings Hal Jordan to defeat them. He does so by destroying their main weapon and is returned to the present, with no knowledge of his adventure.

The Battle of the Power Rings!

Sinestro uses his yellow power ring to siphon enough energy from various Green Lanterns to attack the Guardians of the Universe themselves.

Green Lantern’s Brother Act!

Hal joins his brothers Jim and Jack Jordan to help with Jack Jordan’s election campaign. Reporter Sue Williams tries to prove that Jim Jordan is Green Lantern.

Prisoner of the Power Ring!

Dr. Jason Blanding shrinks his entire family to a sub-atomic level. Once there Green Lantern’s ring energy begins to affect the sub-atomic world and Green Lantern has to travel there to rescue the Blanding family.

The Origin of Green Lantern’s Oath!

Green Lantern tells Pieface the story of his first three cases, on which his oath is based.

The Strange Trial of Green Lantern!

Sinestro tries to mind control Hal Jordan. Hal’s behaviour gets him called before the Green Lantern Corps.

The Trail of the Missing Power Ring!

Hal Jordan loses his power ring and it’s found by a child.

Green Lantern’s Statue Goes to War!

Green Lantern is brought to the future again to assume his Pol Manning identity to discover why three generals are trying to overthrow the government.

Zero Hour in the Silent City!

Green Lantern must discover what has stopped all sound in the city.

The Duel of the Super-Heroes!

When Green Lantern exceeds the speed of light he crashes on the extra-dimensional planet of Spectar. The aliens there brainwash him and send him to Earth to capture the Flash.

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