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While Rome Burned, Part Five

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Written by Judd Winick; ART BY Darryl Banks, Mark Bright, Dale Eaglesham, Rich Faber, Andy Smith, Jordi Ensign, and John Lowe; COVER BY Banks and Smith Writer Judd Winick – the creator behind the Pulitzer Prize-nominated graphic novel Pedro and Me – brings a fresh new energy to Kyle Rayner, the current Green Lantern, in this trade paperback reprinting GREEN LANTERN #129-136.  A madman named Nero wields the power of a Yellow Lantern ring from the Qwardians.  With the JLA pushed to the limit trying to contain Nero's hordes, Kyle stands alone against a maniac whose power could surpass his own!    SC, 7×10, 192pg, FC

Publication date: [October] 2001

While Rome Burned, Part Five

While Rome Burned, Part Four: Hiding in Plain Sight

While Rome Burned, Part Three: All That Glistens…

While Rome Burned, Part 2: Enters the Emperor

While Rome Burned, Part One: An Orphan’s Heart

Outswimming the Undertow

Prodigal Son

Something Old, Something New

Kyle gets a job with Feast Magazine and then is promptly attacked by Manhunters who drag him into space.

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