I’m Back


Chapter 1: I’m Back

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by Naoki Urasawa In the little mountain town of Ruhenheim, life is simple and peaceful. Neighbors greet each other on the street, and the biggest case the local authorities have to worry about is a lost dog. But this bucolic splendor is about to change. Will Tenma, Grimmer and Inspector Lunge be able to prevent the massacre Johan is planning for this sleepy village and its unknowing inhabitants? Or will the cobbled streets of Ruhenheim soon run red with innocent blood?

Publication date: October 2008

Chapter 1: I’m Back

Chapter 2: The Place to Be

Chapter 3: Ruhenheim

Chapter 4: A Quiet Gunshot

Chapter 5: The Vampire’s House

Chapter 6: The Town of Suspicion and Fear

Chapter 7: The Perfect Suicide

Chapter 8: The Peaceful House

Chapter 9: The Town Massacre

Chapter 10: Memories Not to Be Forgotten

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