Incredible Hulk: Volume 2 HC


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Written by BRUCE JONES Penciled by STUART IMMONEN & MIKE DEODATO Jr.; Cover by KAARE ANDREWS Already on the run from the police and the U.S. government, Dr. Bruce Banner and his brutish alter ego face an even deadlier pursuer – a clandestine force with a secret agenda all their own. If a relentless, unkillable foe that knows all Dr. Banner’s secrets and weaknesses isn’t enough, will his oldest foe the Abomination – one of the few beings alive that can match the Hulk’s brute might – finish the job? This deluxe hardcover volume collects Incredible Hulk Vol. 3 and Incredible Hulk Vol. 4 TPBs (issues #44-54) – plus other behind-the-scenes materials! HC, 7×10, 288pg, FC/MARVEL PSR

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