Jughead: Volume 1


Chapter Four: Since When Do You Call Me “Richard”?

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Publication date: July 2016

Chapter Four: Since When Do You Call Me “Richard”?

Pop Tate blackmails Reggie into severing his ties with Mr. Lodge.

Chapter Three: Stop the Presses

Archie takes a job at Richard Mantle’s newspaper to get some dirt on Reggie.

Chapter Two: Sacred Trust

Archie wants to enlist Jughead’s help against Reggie, but it’s Pop Tate that gives him the real advantage.

Chapter One: Family Time

Veronica and Archie learn that Reggie knows about the accident at Mr. Lodge’s building and has told Lodge all about it.

SuperTeenage Daydream!

Jughead and the gang team up to stop Principal Stanger’s plan to brainwash the school at the Halloween Dance.

Super Teens: Deadly Ringers!

Jughead and the gang head to the Sunnyside Mall as part of their investigation of Principal Stanger, where they run into some familiar-looking teenagers. Later, Jughead dreams of the Super Teens fending off an attack on Pop’s, and upon waking, learns that Principal Stanger has closed Pop’s.

The Legend of Slackbeard!

During gym class, Jughead daydreams about being a pirate in search of Pop’s famous chocolate milkshake recipe. Elsewhere, Jughead employs Dilton to hack into Principal Stanger’s computer in the hopes of discovering his true intentions.

The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.

While spending a day of his school suspension in Pop’s, Jughead dreams that the villainous organization known as C.R.U.S.H. is behind the high school’s new hires and works with P.O.P. to save the school.

The Time Directive

Jughead’s daydream about his adventures with January McAndrews and the Time Police give him the inspiration to outwit Coach Eng, the tough new gym teacher who has set up an obstacle course for the students.

Principal Stanger is introduced as Mr. Weatherbee’s replacement, and his first move is to replace the food in the cafeteria with “high nutrition gruel”. Jughead imagines that he is fighting a dragon for hamburgers.

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