Jughead: Volume 2


We’re a Band

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Publication date: February 2017

We’re a Band

A chance meeting with veterinary assistant Valerie Brown while accompanying her roommate Melody Valentine gives frustrated musician Josie McCoy the idea to form a band.

Jughead and Sabrina work out the details of the bad date and call a truce. They agree to be friends. Jughead gives her some good advice.

Jughead Jones? Is on a Date??!

Jughead, on a date with Sabrina, panics and calls for backup from both Kevin and Archie. Neither intervention is successful and Jughead finds himself at the mercy of a teenage witch casting love spells on him, all of which backfire and leave Sabrina madder than ever.

The setting – Riverdale High’s Art Class Final Project display “exploring self through mixed media artistic expression”. Jughead’s entry is “Grubhead” an edible replica of himself. He wins 1st prize beating out Dilton’s Nonlinear Iterative Algorithm. The gang heads to Pop’s where on display is a new mascot, a lady dressed in a hamburger suit. Over a period of days Jughead begins to fantasize about and maybe fall in love with the lady hamburger. He eventually asks her on a date and then begins a stress fest with the gang trying to coach him through it. Burger Lady introduces herself as Sabrina.

Mr. Weatherbee helps Jughead and Archie, who are lost in the woods, find their way home, and along the way confronts his childhood nemesis, Ted Mantle.

The Boys of Summer!

Jughead and Archie take a trip to a cottage in the woods only to run into the Mantle family reunion at the lake. Later they get lost in the forest while on a hike.

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