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The Cosmic Fun-House!

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These deluxe hardcover editions reprint the Justice League of
America’s earliest adventures, including the rare Brave & the Bold
issues and early Justice League of America tales. These classic tales
feature a stellar line-up, with a roster including Wonder Woman, Superman,
Batman, and more! HC, 7×10, 256pg

Publication date: 1993

The Cosmic Fun-House!

Snapper Carr and his girl Midge must be rescued by members the Justice League after a strange trip through the new Happy Harbor fun-house. Those members, however, end up replaced by aliens from Angellax.

For Sale–The Justice League!

While Superman and Batman are away in Dimension X, small-time gangster Pete Ricketts finds a strange ray that he uses to turn the Justice League into a gang of mind-controlled criminals that he auctions off to the highest bidder.

The Origin of the Justice League!

The Justice League of America uses the occasion of its third anniversary to tell Snapper Carr about the formation of the League, involving the discovery of strange meteors that nearly doomed them forever.

The Fantastic Fingers of Felix Faust!

Felix Faust learns that the Demons Three–Abnegazar, Rath, and Ghast–can only be freed from a spell involving the Red Jar of Calythos, the Green Bell of Uthool, and the Silver Wheel of Nyorlath, which were hidden long ago by their jailers, the Timeless Ones. Meanwhile, the Lord of Time unleashes warriors of the past and future on the present to steal for him. As the League tries to stop him, they disappear one by one and find themselves under the control of Felix Faust, who orders them to retrieve the items needed to free the Demons Three.

One Hour to Doomsday!

The League chases the Lord of Time into the future, but when they try to return, they find themselves unable to go anywhere earlier than 2062.

The Last Case of the Justice League!

Snapper Carr is summoned to the Justice League Sanctuary, only to find Dr. Light there. Light tells Snapper that he transported the rest of the Justice League to a surreal universe from which they can’t escape. One he’s finished his tale, he freezes Snapper solid.

The Riddle of the Robot Justice League!

Sforll transports the Justice League to his lair to enlist them in preventing Zed Brann from stealing the life force (“vita-matter”) of our universe for his own. They must fight robot duplicates of themselves to save the universe.

The Menace of the “Atom” Bomb!

The Justice League unanimously elects The Atom for membership, but nobody knows who he is. The Power Ring tells them about The Atom, and they go to investigate in Ivy Town. Shortly, Atom gets amnesia, the work of Mister Memory and his de-memonitor, who has captured the entire Justice League, leaving Atom the only one who can save them.

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