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Drones of the Queen Bee!

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These deluxe hardcover editions reprint the Justice League of America’s earliest adventures, including the rare Brave & the Bold issues and early Justice League of America tales. These classic tales feature a stellar line-up, with a roster including Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and more! HC, 7×10, 256pg

Publication date: [April] 1998

Drones of the Queen Bee!

The Queen Bee blackmails the JLA into securing the elements she needs for an immortality potion, but even though they fulfill their end of the bargain, they prevent her from her ultimate goal.

Decoy Missions of the Justice League!

Kanjar Ro gains the ability to split off an aural form of himself and draw off aural forms of the JLA. He leaves his own aural form in his place in jail and uses the aural JLAers to lure their physical forms into traps. Adam Strange learns Kanjar Ro’s plot and helps the JLA defeat him.

Outcasts of Infinity!

The JLA learns of the plight of three Sfarlian scientists who are transported from one world to another, and soon after they leave, the planet they left explodes. The JLAers accompany the Sfarlians and eventually arrive on the home world of the being using the energy created by the Sfarlians to power his weapons, Kraad. There, all the JLAers but the Atom are disintegrated. The Atom uses Green Lantern’s ring to reintegrate the Leaguers, and though he scrambles the men’s upper and lower halves, they manage to defeat Kraad.

Four Worlds to Conquer!

Despero escapes his prison and ages half the JLA and dispatches the other half to alternate worlds. When Despero tries to pass himself off as an aged Superman, Wonder Woman snares him in her magic lasso and makes him return the missing members and de-age the others.

The “I” Who Defeated the Justice League!

An extradimensional being prevents the JLAers from succeeding as a team when he discovers their success drains his life-force. Snapper suggests they reactivate Amazo, whose JLA-derived power overloads the being. Then the JLA must defeat Amazo and solve the crimes “I” prevented them from successfully solving before.

The Case of the Forbidden Super-Powers!

Headmaster Mind invents a device which creates natural disasters whenever the JLAers use their powers. Batman’s and Green Arrow’s failed efforts to stop Headmaster Mind’s students Matter Master, Tattooed Man, and the Top without super-powers encourage the other JLAers to take them on without using their special abilities, while Batman and Green Arrow attack Headmaster Mind and his device.

Crisis on Earth-Three!

The Crime Syndicate is so bored of life on their Earth, designated Earth-3 here, that they come to the JLA’s Earth for a new challenge. Just as it looks like the JLA has the upper hand, the Crime Syndicate teleports them to Earth-3, where they have the advantage. To secure a level battlefield the Crime Syndicate plans to go to the Earth-2 and eliminate the JSA.

The Most Dangerous Earth of All!

The JSA is tricked into being transported to Earth-3, so the JLA must battle the Crime Syndicate on Earth-2. But the JLA gets the Crime Syndicate to over-exert themselves, imprisons them between the dimensions, and frees the JSA.

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