Madman Comics: Yearbook ’95: Volume 1


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MIKE ALLRED SC, 160pg, FC, If you missed out on picking up this 160-page volume before now you’ve got your chance! After three years Madman Comics: Yearbook ’95 (Volume 1) returns to print! Witness Madman framed for a murder on the high seas! Follow him as he tracks down Dr. Flem’s runaway robots! Watch and be amazed as he battles mutant street beatniks. Find out why Spin calls this hugely hip bimonthly comic “a kooky boogaloo!” and why The New York Times says that Madman Comics is “animated by a manic, pop-art delight in mass culture.” Madman Comics is the book for those who appreciate offbeat storytelling and brilliant art. This trade paperback collects Madman Comics #1-5.

Publication date: January 1996

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