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The Himalayan Incident

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Written by Archie Goodwin; Art and Cover by Walter Simonson When former big-game hunter and intelligence officer Paul Kirk was trampled by an elephant in the African outback, it seemed as if the legendary adventurer’s life had come to a poetic close. But when a fanatical organization called the Council repaired and altered Kirk, he began a new chapter in his existence. In the international conspiracy adventure MANHUNTER: THE SPECIAL EDITION, Kirk breaks free of the Council’s confines and vows to destroy their evil organization. Enhanced with greater reflexes and a miraculous healing factor, the Manhunter is joined by a female Interpol agent and Batman as he sets out on his mission to destroy his Council-serving clones and thwart their plot of world domination.

Publication date: [September] 1999

The Himalayan Incident

Christine St. Clair, an INTERPOL agent, searches for the elusive Manhunter in Nepal.

The Manhunter File

Christine St. Clair shows her current file on Manhunter to her boss, Damon Nostrand.

The Resurrection of Paul Kirk

Christine finally locates a wounded Manhunter and learns who he is and how he came to be.


Manhunter finishes telling his origin to Christine as Damon Nostrand tries to kill them both.

Cathedral Perilous

Posing as monks, Manhunter and Christine join a Council gathering, getting a recording of their activites, and trapping Dr. Mykros outside of the Council’s Sanctuary. They are aided by a small boy on vacation with his parents.

To Duel the Master

Tracking Dr. Mykros back to Sanctuary, Manhunter must battle his teacher, Asano Nitobe.


Manhunter: The Final Chapter!

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