Black Panther: Book 2 Nation Under Our Feet


A Nation Under Our Feet, Part 8

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Publication date: 2017

A Nation Under Our Feet, Part 8

After saying goodbye to Cage, Misty, and Ororo; T’Challa returns to Necropolis with Manifold, where they embark on a journey to retrieve Shuri. In the Djalia, Shuri senses their coming and concludes her time there with her spirit guide in Ramonda’s form. Shuri returns to the material plane with T’Challa and Manifold.

A Nation Under Our Feet, Part 7

T’Challa brings in his backup. Manifold brings Storm, Luke Cage, and Misty Knight to his aid against. Stane, the Fenris Twins, and the Vanisher. Stane and his allies are defeated, but escape with the aid of the Vanisher. Changamire, Tetu’s former mentor, is brought to Tetu and Zenzi by The People, but rejects their cause.

Shuri continues her journey through the Djalia with the aid of her spirit guide in Ramonda’s form.

A Nation Under Our Feet, Part 6

Tetu and Zenzi continue to provide support for the Wakandan rebellion, including aiding the Midnight Angels against a counter-strike by T’Challa’s secret police. T’Challa consults with Tony Stark on the tech he found on the suicide bombers in the previous issue, and they identify Ezekial Stane as the likely source. T’Challa tracks Stane and attacks his forces, allowing himself to be captured.

T’Challa’s sister Shuri continues her journey through the Djalia.

A Nation Under Our Feet, Part 5

T’Challa captures a suicide bomber, and convinces him to become his agent. One of T’Challa’s lieutenants sets up a meeting with several despotic leaders who advice him how to crush his rebellion. He ignores them, but footage of the meeting is leaked to the public. Shuri continues her journey through the Djalia, Wakanda’s spirit plane.

Dawn of the Midnight Angels Part 1 [excerpt]

Captain Aneka of the Dora Milaje must deal with an impertinent new recruit who simultaneously challenges her and fascinates her.

Death Regiments Beneath Wakanda

The Panther learns that there is a great deal of rebel activity near Warrior Falls. He goes there and discovers an entrance to an illegal vibranium mine. He is attack by Venomm, whom he defeats.

Panther’s Rage

On his return to Wakanda, the Panther learns that one of the mountain villages is in revolt, led by a man calling himself Erik Killmonger. The Panther confronts Killmonger at Warrior Falls, where the Panther is defeated and thrown from the top of the falls.

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