Chapter 1: Grimmer

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by Naoki Urasawa “Cedok Bridge, the three frogs…the mother of the twins is in Prague.” A cryptic message from wealthy financier Schuwald sends Tenma to the city of a hundred spires. There, he meets Grimmer, an investigative reporter tracking down the former director of the infamous 511 Kinderheim orphanage. Could it be that the horrific experiments of the past are being recreated in Prague? Rating: T+

Publication date: August 2007

Chapter 1: Grimmer

Chapter 2: Picnic

Chapter 3: The Ghost of 511

Chapter 4: The New Experiment

Chapter 5: The Key

Chapter 6: The Adventures of Magnificent Steiner

Chapter 7: Detective Suk

Chapter 8: The Secret Investigation

Chapter 9: Something Important

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