Pup Detectives: Volume 1


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(W) Felix Gumpaw (A) Glass House Graphics

In this first installment of the Pup Detectives graphic novel series, the pup
detectives of Pawston Elementary join forces to solve the crimes happening all
around them. Can they nab the lunchtime bandit who’s been stealing all the
best snacks from the cafeteria?
Puppy PI Rider Woofson thought he was the only detective at Pawston Elementary,
but while bringing down a pencil theft ring, he finds out that there are other super
sleuths at school. Fortunately (or not!) there’s plenty of pet-ty crime happening at
Pawston, so Rider joins forces with the other puppy PIs to form the PI Pack-the best
(and only!) detective group at school.
Their first case is high stakes because it hits every student in the belly…a lunchtime
bandit is stealing the best food from the cafeteria! Will the Pup Detectives bring the
noodle nabber to justice, or will the hungry students of Pawston be left to endure
Soup Surprise for lunch every day?