Spider-Man Deadpool: Volume 00 Don’t Call It a Team-up

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Publication date: [July] 2016


Whatever a Spider Can Part 3 of 3

Deadpool and Spider-Man are recovering at the Baxter Building from an assault by Hit-Monkey when DP makes off with Spidey’s costume and sneaks out the bathroom window. ‘Pool fakes Spidey’s death to draw Hit-Monkey out and is wildly successful as the deadly simian comes to the funeral. Unfortunately, the police seem much more worried about a machine gun toting mercenary than they are about a monkey in a suit. Spidey and Deadpool battle Hit-Monkey once again and things end in an explosive climax. Spidey gives ‘Pool a lecture on being an angst ridden hero.

Whatever a Spider Can Part 2 of 3

The deadly assassin assassin (yeah, you read that right), Hit-Monkey, comes gunning for Deadpool and, even though Spidey is sorely tempted to switch to team simian, he still tries to save the merc with a mouth from a hail of monkey bullets (and fails).

Whatever a Spider Can, Part 1: Start Spreadin’ the News

With his bid for becoming an X-Man a total bust, Deadpool arrives in New York to learn how to be a real super hero from one of the best–Spider-Man. When mysterious assassinations begin to take place around the city, Spidey figures Deadpool is responsible and attacks him. The real culprit, however, is revealed to be Hit-Monkey, the deadliest simian on the planet, and Spidey figures that Deadpool may just be his next target.

Sticky Situations

With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence

Present, Weasel and the Great Lake Avengers try to figure out how to bring Deadpool and Al back through time. In the past, Deadpool uses his image inducer to impersonate Peter Parker (Al plays a very grumpy Aunt May) and tries to convince Weasel to fix his teleporter to get back to the future. Kraven and a swinging party with Peter’s pals get in the way but Deadpool is able to manipulate Weasel into helping him, and all he has to do is wreck his buddy’s life and future well being to do so. Deadpool and Al make it back to 1997 with the timeline intact as a nervous Watcher collapses in relief.

This Man, This Expletive Deleted

Spider-Man takes on Lady Stilt-Man. He gets a little assistance from Deadpool but soon discovers that Deadpool has merely saved him from Lady Stilt-Man so that he can dispose of him himself. Deadpool has been hired by Ana Kravinoff and her mother to kill Spidey and their fast and furious battle ends in a deadly serious game of “the dozens.” Deadpool is called off by kid Kraven and leaves a very confused Spidey wondering what the heck just happened. What the heck just happened is that Deadpool was a diversion so that Ana could attack and capture Mattie Franklin, without any interference.

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