That Night


Chapter 1: Son of a Spy

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by Naoki Urasawa Tenma's long journey for justice, Johan and Nina's search for identity – all roads converge on the mysterious Red Rose Mansion. Is Nina prepared to confront the dark memories this cursed house will awaken in her subconscious? If Tenma gets there in time, will he find a clue that will help him save the life of his ex-fianc e Eva? Rating: T+

Publication date: April 2008

Chapter 1: Son of a Spy

Chapter 2: The Never-Ending Journey

Chapter 3: The Puppet Master

Chapter 4: The Children of the Recital

Chapter 5: That Night

Chapter 6: What Johan Saw

Chapter 7: Good Memories

Chapter 8: I Hate This Job

Chapter 9: The Worst Necktie

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