The Big Book of Urban Legends


The Hook

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Publication date: [December] 1994

The Hook

The Killer in the Back Seat

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

Another Vanishing Hitchhiker

The Nut and the Tire Nuts

The Runaway Grandmother

Mystery Tour

The Day Trip

The Slasher Under the Car

The Severed Fingers

End of His Rope

Push Starting the Car

The Wonder Car

The Rattle in the Cadillac

The Solid Cement Cadillac

Thread the Needle

The Corpse in the Car

The Decapitated Motorcyclist

The Philanderer’s Porsche

The Deathcar

The Baby on the Roof

The Nude in the RV

The Nun and the Volkswagen

The Microwaved Pet

The Mexican Pet

The Choking Doberman

Another Choking Doberman

The Trapper and His Dog

Not My Dog

The Poisoned Pussycat

The Hare Dryer

The Dead Cat in the Package

Another Dead Cat in a Package

The Dog’s Dinner

The Tummy Ache

The Kentucky Fried Rat

The Spider in the Hairdo

The Hunter’s Nightmare

The Deer Departed

Flopsy’s Revenge

Shooting the Bull

The Dog in the High-rise

The Flying Kitten

Kitty Takes the Rap

The Bump in the Carpet

The Fatal Boot

Alligators in the Sewer

The Moving Cactus

The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs

Two Babysitters and a Man Upstairs

The Hippie Baby Sitter

Baby Gets the Chair

The Licked Hand

The Boyfriend’s Death

The Fatal Tee

The Graveyard Wager

The Well to Hell

The Devil in the Dancehall

Ghost Mom

The Accidental Cannibals

Islamic Justice

The Mutilated Bride

The Roommate’s Death

The Other Roommate’s Death

The Message Under the Stamp

Special Delivery

A Bug in Her Ear

The X-ray

The Body in the Bed

Tapping the Admiral

Brush with Death

The Poinsettia Myth

Mommy’s Little Helper

The Last Kiss

The Mortician Always Rings Twice

Curses! Broiled Again!

Fish Out of Water

The Smashed VW Bug

The Lost Wreck

The Wrong Rest Stop

Cruise Control

The Pig on the Road

Fear of Frying

The Body on the Car

Old vs. Young

The Failed Suicide

Another Failed Suicide

The Accidental Gerbil

What Killed the Dog

The Stuck Santa

The Unlucky Contacts

The Ski Accident

The Heel in the Grate

The Golf Bag

The Sawed Off Fingers

The Wonder of Gas

Barrel of Bricks

Bad News Bearers

The Exploding Toilet


The Turkey Neck

The Nude Surprise Party

Another Nude Surprise Party

Filmed in the Act

The Stuck Couple

Sex with the Wrong Partner

The Blind Date

The Unexpected Inheritance

The Unzipped Mechanic

The Bothered Bride

The Bad Bachelorette

The Baby Train

The Baby Headache

The Bullet Through the Balls

Aids Mary

Superglue Revenge

The Sheriff’s Daughter

The Fart in the Dark

Walking the Dog

State Police Don’t Have Balls

The Misunderstood Note

Super Hero Hijinks

The Butcher’s Prank

The Blind Man

The Nude Housewife

Green Stamps

License to Practice

The Cat and the Nude Man

The Unstealable Car

The Double Theft

The Robber Who Was Hurt

Good Neighbors

The Arrest

The Dishonest Note

The Biker and the Smoker

The Subway Samaritan

The Cut Off Finger

Take Him, Wagger

The Kidney Heist

The Stolen Specimen

Siphon Surprise

You Can’t Judge a Book…

The Jogger’s Billfold

The Cookie Caper

The Hairdresser’s Error

The 2 Hitchhikers

The Hairy-Armed Hitchhiker

The Avon Flasher

Just Say No!

Mother Knows Best

The Grocery Scam

The Videotaped Theft

The Toothbrush Story

Take My Tickets, Please!

The Number of the Beast

The Truth About M&M’s

Gross-out Gossip

The Mouse in the Coke Bottle

The Killer Carpet

The Bedbug Letter

The Tapeworm Diet

Cabbage Patch Tragedy

Red Velvet Cake

The Roughneck’s Revenge

Fixing the Flue

The Lover’s Telephone Revenge

The Bug Under the Rug

When There’s a Will There’s a Way.

Inner Golf

Hot Potato

All Aboard!

Lockout at 20,000 Feet

Ghost Pilot

911 [Nine-Eleven]

A Stitch in Time

Burying St. Joe

New Identity

The Lie Detector

Bookkeeper in a Brothel

The Elevator Incident

Bozo the Clown’s Blooper

Paul is Dead

Jesus on the Thruway

Rescuing Richard Nixon

The Dormitory Surprise

Positive Reinforcement

Late for Class

The Resubmitted Term Paper

The Final Exam

Exam Scams

Toll Booth Pranks

Gnome Come Home

The Barometer Problem

The Homemade Lie Detector

Culture Clash

Tea and Sugar

The Obedient Tourists


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