The Escape


Chapter 1: Monster’s Love Letter

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by Naoki Urasawa After his arrest in Prague, Tenma is deported to D sseldorf to stand trial, but the odds are terribly stacked against him. When his ex-wife Eva's life is threatened, Tenma realizes that if he wants to save her, his only option is to escape captivity. With Eva still bearing a nearly bottomless grudge against him, can Tenma reach her before it's too late! Rating: T+

Publication date: February 2008

Chapter 1: Monster’s Love Letter

Chapter 2: The Prison Escapee

Chapter 3: The Lawyer

Chapter 4: The Witness

Chapter 5: Determination

Chapter 6: The Dirty Sandwich

Chapter 7: Helene and Gustav

Chapter 8: The Escape

Chapter 9: Room 402

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