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Honey, I Shrunk the Hulk

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Publication date: 2012

Honey, I Shrunk the Hulk

Doc Samson and the Ringmaster help Banner merge all of his personalities into one being. The new Hulk is born, with jade giant strength and Bruce Banner’s smarts.

Personality Conflict

Bruce, Rick and Betty return to Rick’s place in Reno but Bruce is having problems keeping his personalities under control. When Rick’s new flame turns out to be Marlo Chandler, the stress is too much for Bruce and the green and grey Hulks begin to battle within his psyche. As his body goes through a series of stunning transformations, Bruce proves once and for all that Banner is the strongest one there is.

Night of the Living Skrulls

Rick dresses as Bucky and escapes from the Skrulls while Hulk takes on the Super Skrull for an explosive conclusion. Meanwhile, back in Reno, Rick’s new girlfriend shows up at his apartment and, boy, does she look familiar.

No Autographs

Bruce and Betty hit the road looking for Rick (who, unbeknownst to them, has been captured by Skrulls). They arrive in a little Utah town where Rick is supposed to have a book signing but the Hulk finds himself face to face with the Super Skrull.

Mending Fences

Bruce and Betty are reunited but quickly find themselves on the run from the army. They hole up in the nunnery where Betty has been staying until dark when the Hulk takes on both the army and Doc Samson before he escapes with his lady love.

He’s Back

Bruce sneaks into the nunnery to contact Betty but, after accidentaly hearing her confession, realizes her life is better without the Hulk. Betty decides to leave the order and Bruce tries to follow her. The Green Hulk rips out of Banner (literally) when he is attacked by Prometheus, keeping him away from his wife. Against all odds, Bruce and Betty are re-united.

Strange But True

With the Hulk taken over by the Strange Universe’s Sorcerer Supreme, Bruce battles him in his own psyche while Doc Strange and Namor battle him in the physical realm. Bruce wins the day by opening a door in his psyche that scares even the Hulk. Back in the real world, Doc Strange notices a large scar on Bruce’s back. Bruce makes it to Connecticut looking for Betty and finds she has become a nun.

Strange Matters

Hulk lands in New York before the sun rises and he reverts to Banner but runs across Dr. Strange battling a monster in a closet. Entering the closet, Hulk rescues Strange from a strange dark being and is lent a hand by Namor. With the Defenders reunited, Strange helps Banner enter his own psyche to talk to the Hulk but a piece of the monster has hitched a ride and takes over the Hulk.

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