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Brotherly Hate!

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Publication date: [December] 2000

Brotherly Hate!

Lightning Lad, Light Lass, and Timber Wolf track down Lightning Lord.

Trust Me or Kill Me!

Mordru makes a duplicate of Cosmic Boy and Superboy must determine which of the two is the real Cosmic Boy.

Invisible Invader!

Chemical King and Invisible Kid have to work together to thwart a criminal who has duplicated Invisible Kid’s invisibility serum.

War of the Wraith-Mates!

Four Legionnaires are inhabited by squabbling entities.

One Legionnaire Must Go!

Saturn Girl detects treasonous thoughts coming from Matter-Eeater Lad, but it turns out he was being framed by his jealous younger brother.

Curse of the Blood-Crystals!

Influenced by crystals Mordru created in Superboy’s time and cast by Superboy into space, Chameleon Boy takes Ultra Boy’s place and visits Superboy. Ultra Boy alerts Brainiac 5 and Lightning Lad to the switch and they visit Superboy as well, but Chameleon Boy, as Superboy, assures them that he has everything under control. Superboy is able turn the tables on Cham and to reverse the effects of his exposure to Mordru’s crystals by momentarily burying him.

Murder the Leader!

Saturn Girl and Mon-El are up for election as new Legion leader when Tharok and Validus telelport them away. Tharok intends to kill each new leader of the Legion until they submit to him. But when Mon-El convinces Tharok to declare himself the new leader, Validus turns on him.

Attack of the Sun-Scavenger

Dr. Regulus tricks Sun Boy into helping him recharge his new sun-based powers.

War between the Nights and Days!

The Legion has to broker peace between the two factions of planet Pasnic, one of which lives in perpetual sunlight, the other half in perpetual darkness.

The One-Shot Hero!

Erg-1 is rejected for membership in the Legion when he refuses to demonstrate his unique power.

[Part 1]: Timber Wolf: Dead Hero, Live Executioner!

Timber Wolf returns from a mission where he was presumed dead, and while being honored, attacks the President of Earth.

Part 2: The Sinister Secret of Timber Wolf!

Saturn Girl tails Timber Wolf, discovers Tyr has been mind-controlling him, and helps him prevent the destruction of Legion headquarters.

[Part 1]: The Fatal Five Who Twisted Time

At a carnival in his own time period, Superboy faces the Fatal Five.

Part 2: Prisoners of the Time Lock!

A Legion team trails the Fatal Five to Superboy’s time, while, due to a time-distortion machine placed in Superboy’s time by the Fatal Five, the rest of the Legion and their headquarters fade from existence in the future.

Part 3: Countdown to Catastrophe!

The Legion team in Superboy’s time disables the time-distorting machine, and so in the future Legion headquarters rematerializes, imprisoning Mano and Tharok.

The Legionnaires Vs. the Gun that Mastered Men

Tyr traps the Legionnaires within their headquarters while his separable gun-hand controls Superboy. Chameleon Boy poses as Tyr to take back control of the gun-hand.

The Impossible Target!

Bouncing Boy is hunted by Otto Orion’s son.

[Part 1]: The Legionnaire Bride of Starfinger

Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel both lose their powers and decide to marry.

Part 2: This Wife Is Condemned

Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel marry, but Starfinger crashes the event with one of Duo Damsel’s bodies.

Part 3: Secret of the Starfinger Split

Superboy defeats Starfinger and reunites Duo Damsel’s two bodies.

The Betrayer from Beyond

One of the applicants for Legion membership is actually an android after the Miracle Machine, but it is stopped by Erg-1 who has already used the Miracle Machine to regain his corporeality.

The Silent Death

Dream Girl and Karate Kid try to figure out her premonition of a Legionnaire in danger.

Lost: A Million Miles from Home

Colossal Boy and Shrinking Violet are stuck on a cruiser with no power, except when Colossal Boy isn’t on it.

The Wrath of the Devil-Fish!

A Legion team investigates an alarm at their sea-station, which is powered by a pollutant converter. Though they suspect foul play by a half-man/half-fish being, the Devil-Fish knows that aliens are plotting to use the sea-station to poison Earth’s atmosphere.

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