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[Part I]: The Bizarro-Legion!

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One of the oldest and most beloved super-teams in comics, the Legion
of Super-Heroes has a complex and long history. These deluxe hardcover editions
reprint, in order, classic Legion appearances from the pages of Adventure
Comics, Superboy, Action Comics, and Superman, from
their first appearance in 1958, to their heyday in the Sixties. HC, 7×10,

Publication date: 1994

[Part I]: The Bizarro-Legion!

The Legion rejects Bizarro-Superboy’s request for membership, so he sets off to create his own Legion.

Part II: The Mad, Mad, Mad Bizarro-Legion

Superboy, with Element Lad’s aid, tricks Bizarro-Superboy into disbanding the Bizarro-Legion.

[Part I]: The Secret of the Mystery Legionnaire!

Space pirate Vorm joins the Legion as Dynamo Boy and begins to eliminate the Legionnaires.

Part II: The Victory of the Evil Legionnaire!

Dynamo Boy expels the remaining Legionnaires and makes plans for a new member drive.

[Part I]: The Triumph of the Legion of Super-Villains!

Dynamo Boy accepts as members the Legion of Super-Villains, over the Subs’ objections.

Part II: The Revolt of the Super-Villains!

The LSV turns on Dynamo Boy and sends him into the future. The ex-Legionnaires, keeping track of events from far off, challenge the LSV to a final confrontation.

Part I: The Super-Moby Dick of Space!

Lightning Lad loses an arm to the Super-Moby Dick of Space. When Ultra Boy fails to subdue the space creature, Lightning Lad leads a team against it.

Part II: The Cosmic Quest of Lightning Lad!

Lightning Lad shrinks the space creature to its original size with the help of the scientist who accidentally enlarged it.

Part I: The War between Krypton and Earth!

The Legionnaires travel to the past to find out the story behind an ancient artifact which refers to a war between Earth and Krypton. The half that goes to Earth’s past finds space travellers colonizing ancient Atlantis; the other half accompanies a group of Kryptonians who leave anti-scientific Krypton for Earth.

Part II: The Civil War of the Legion

While the Atlanteans and Kryptonians fight, Brainiac 5 discovers why Earth’s air irritates the Atlanteans and helps them adapt to life under the sea. Later, back in the future, Superboy finds more artifacts that explain what happened to the Kryptonians.

Part I: The Unknown Legionnaire

Superboy recalls a case when the Legionnaires were helped by a hero called Unknown Boy.

Part II: The Secret of Unknown Boy

After Unknown Boy helps the Legion finish a case, Superboy figures out that under the costume is Supergirl. Supergirl then recalls going through a red kryptonite cloud and losing her memory, but knowing she had to protect her secret identity, and so creating the Unknown Boy costume.

Part I: Starfinger!

The Legionnaires must guard the valuable mineral rejuvium from the threat of Starfinger.

Part II: Starfinger against the Legion!

Starfinger threatens the Seven Wonders of the 30th Century to make the Legion give up the rejuvium. While confronting him, Saturn Girl gets a glimpse of his thoughts and realizes that he is a Legionnaire.

Part I: The True Identity of Starfinger!

The Legionnaires try to trap Starfinger.

Part II: The Secret of Starfinger!

The Legionnaires trap Starfinger and discover he is Lightning Lad and that he was hypnotized by Dr. Lanscom.

The Insect Queen of Smallville

Lana helps an alien who rewards her with a ring that gives her the powers of insects.

Part I: The Weddings That Wrecked the Legion

Two pairs of Legionnaires marry, leaving membership spots open for some secret agents who plan to join in disguise.

Part II: The Legionnaire Dropouts!

The secret agents join the group and turn on the Legionnaires, but it was all a ruse to flush them out.

Part I: The Menace of the Sinister Super-Babies!

The Time Trapper sends Glorith to turn the Legionnaires into children.

Part II: The Time-Trapper’s Invincible Infant-ry

The child Legionnaires cause such havoc, that when Brainiac 5 and Superboy cross the Time Trapper’s barrier, he agrees to reverse the process if they will go away and leave him alone.

The Sacrifice of Kid Psycho!

Kid Psycho comes from the Legion’s time and impresses Superboy, who returns with him to the 30th century for reconsideration of Kid Psycho’s petition for membership. But when Superboy learns the reason Kid Psycho was rejected, he suggests that he be made the Legion’s secret weapon.

Part I: Hunters of the Super-Beasts

The Legionnaires need Beast Boy for a case, but he has turned his back on humanity.

Part II: The Menace of Beast Boy

The Legionnaires try to track down Beast Boy, who ends up giving his life to save a young girl who is nice to him.

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