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[Part I]: The Outcast Super-Heroes!

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One of the oldest and most beloved super-teams in comics, the Legion of Super-Heroes has a complex and long history. These deluxe hardcover editions reprint, in order, classic Legion appearances from the pages of Adventure Comics, Superboy, Action Comics, and Superman, from their first appearance in 1958, to their heyday in the Sixties. HC, 7×10, 224-256pg

Publication date: 1996

[Part I]: The Outcast Super-Heroes!

The Legionnaires are unable to remove a kryptonite cloud around the Earth, so Superboy and Supergirl are forced to leave the group. Before they have their memories of the Legion removed and return to their own times, they ask that the Legion admit Sir Prize and Miss Terius in their places.

Part II: The Devil’s Dozen!

The Legion encounters a new gang of thieves who kidnap Lightning Lad and suspicion of complicity falls on the two new Legionnaires.

Part I: The Forgotten Legion!

While the Legion encounters the Hag on the Brande estate, Lightning Lad tries to resist the corrupting influence of Evillo.

Part II: The Faces behind the Masks!

Under Miss Terious’ direction, the Legion and the Subs gather the materials needed for a spell to counter the Hag’s black magic. They then mount an attack on Prince Evillo’s home, and find several surprises.

The Fatal Five! Part I: To Save a Galaxy!

As a last resort, the Legion decides to enlist the villainous Fatal Five to defend Earth from the Sun-Eater.

Part II: An S.O.S. to Evil!

The Legionnaires set out to collect each of the Fatal Five.

[Part I]: The Doomed Legionnaire!

The heroes and villains prepare to confront the Sun-Eater, while Tharok plans for the aftermath.

Part II: Slain by the Sun-Eater

Ferro Lad knocks out Superboy and sacrifices his life delivering the bomb which destroys the Sun-Eater.

[Part I]: The Adult Legion!

Superman is summoned to help the adult Legion investigate acts of sabotage.

Part II: One against the Legion

The Legion discovers the saboteur is Ferro Lad’s twin brother, but he has been under the mind control of the Legion of Super-Villains.

The War of the Legions!

The Legion is lured into separate traps by the Legion of Super-Villains, but are saved by the current day Lex Luthor and Mr. Mxyzptlk.

The Six-Legged Legionnaire!

Lana Lang accompanies Superboy to a meeting of the Legion and applies for membership. Though she is rejected, she participates in a mission and is elected to the Legion Reserve.

The Five Legion Orphans!

The five Legion orphans are de-aged by people from a planet which has lost all of its children.

[Part I]: The Ghost of Ferro Lad!

The Legionnaires who witnessed Ferro Lad’s sacrifice against the Sun-Eater fear they are being haunted by him.

Part II: The Phantom’s Revenge!

The Legionnaires disband on the orders of the “ghost” of Ferro Lad. However, a Controller reveals himself to Superboy as the power behind the Sun-Eater that killed Ferro Lad, and that he now plans to use the Legion as his weapon. But a mysterious force summons the Legion through Superboy’s flight ring and frightens the Controller to death.

[Part I]: The Hunter!

The Legionnaires are taken by Otto Orion to his planetoid in order to be hunted.

Part II: The Fugitives

Otto Orion hunts the Legionnaires as they rush to reach a totem pole.

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