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The Outlawed Legionnaires!

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Publication date: 1997

The Outlawed Legionnaires!

When the new United Planets President outlaws the Legion, some are sent to the Takron-Galtos prison planet, some are imprisoned on Earth, and the rest go underground.

[Part I]: The Legion Chain Gang!

The Legionnaires who went underground break out the Legionnaires imprisoned on Earth.

Part II: The Legion Spies

The Legionnaires on Earth uncover the President’s scheme and expose him as the mind-controlling Universo.

[Part I]: The Unkillables!

The Legionnaires are asked to escort an embassy of Dominators to Earth.

Part II: Time’s Most Notorious Killers!

The Legionnaires protect the Dominators from attacks by the Unkillables, who turn out to be assassins, genetically-modified with the DNA of notorious killers from history by the deposed former leader of the Dominators.

The Lone Wolf Legionnaire Reporter!

Jimmy Olsen is brought to the 30th century to help Duo Damsel put out the Legion Bulletin, but ends up becoming news, rather than writing it.

The Chemoids Are Coming!

The Legionnaires try to shut down the experiments of Dr. Mantis Morlo, but he keeps some hidden from their view. Later, emergency calls from Daxam, Orando, and Naltor draw three teams of Legionnaires. The team that goes to Orando finds a culture at the level of Earth’s Middle Ages and Dr. Morlo.

[Part I]: Black Day for the Legion!

Morlo escapes the Legion team on Orando, while at the same time a second Morlo encounters and escapes the team on Daxam.

Part II: Target… Earth!

The Legionnaires on Naltor encounter a third Morlo, but all three were decoys meant to distract the Legion from Morlo’s real plot to blow up Earth.

[Part I]: The Revolt of the Super-Pets

After being chewed out by Brainiac 5, the pets head for Thanl with Rikkor Rost, who tells them that there they are highly honored.

Part II: Fang, Claw and Hoof

The Legionnaires follow the pets to Thanl to convince them to come home with them, but the pets send them packing. Then in order to make sure the Legion doesn’t plot against them, the pets send Proty II and Comet, in his human form, to spy on the Legion. But they instead uncover a plot of the Thanlians and put a stop to it.

[Part I]: Escape of the Fatal Five!

The Legion is sent to Talok VIII to investigate its sudden belligerence, with its native heroine Shadow Lass, and fall into separate traps designed for each one of them.

Part II: Mocked by the Master!

The Legionnaires escape their traps, but their energy in doing so powers the Fatal Five’s escape from the dimension into which they were flung after their last encounter with the Legion.

[Part I]: The Fight for the Championship of the Universe!

The Legion discovers that the Fatal Five were behind the belligerence of Talok VIII, while the Fatal Five head to Earth and its Universal Weapons Control Panel. But the Fatal Five discover they need a third key held at Legion Headquarters to operate the weapon. By the time they get there it is being defended by the returned Legionnaires.

Part II: Showdown for Shadow Lass!

The Legionnaires fight the Fatal Five long enough for the U.P. Forces to come to their rescue and force the Five to flee.

[Part I]: No Escape from the Circle of Death!

While the new Legion Headquarters is being built, Karate Kid heads to Japan, while The Dark Circle watches from afar.

[Part II]: Victims of the Sinister Circle

The Dark Circle invades Japan, and everything seems hopeless until Brainiac 5 uses the Miracle Machine, a gift from a Controller, to repel the invasion.

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