The Rose Mansion


Chapter 1: A Long Vacation

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by Naoki Urasawa The Nameless Monster, the mysterious picture book which holds the key to unlocking Johan's past, was created by an official from the Czechoslovakian secret police. This startling discovery leads to the mysterious Red Rose Mansion – an estate with a dark and tragic history covered up and sealed away for decades. Meanwhile, the serial murderer in Prague has been identified as a beautiful blond woman. Who could she be and what is her connection to Johan? Rating: T+.

Publication date: December 2007

Chapter 1: A Long Vacation

Chapter 2: Detective Boys

Chapter 3: The Cruelest Thing

Chapter 4: The Border City

Chapter 5: The Rose Mansion

Chapter 6: The Unopened Door

Chapter 7: A Long Farewell

Chapter 8: Find Helenka

Chapter 9: The People Left Behind

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