Trust Me


This Mission Will Self-Destruct in Five Seconds

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Publication date: [August] 2014

This Mission Will Self-Destruct in Five Seconds

Loki and his allies infiltrate Asgardia to rescue Sigurd, though it’s only creating a distraction for Loki’s real plan. However, even Loki is surprised when he encounters his older evil self.

Lets You & Him Fight!

Loki’s newest mission is to trick Sigurd into returning to Asgard.

Your Life Is a Story I’ve Already Written

Loki recalls an ancient mistake that he and Odin made which led to a long and bloody tale of revenge and greed.

Loki and Lorelei, Sitting in a Tree…

When Loki is assigned to bring Lorelei back to Asgard, he goes way undercover to capture her. Later, he meets an intriguing mortal woman named Verity who can see through lies.

Trust Me

Loki infiltrates Avengers Tower on a mission from the All-Mother.

Before the Truth Has Its Pants On

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