Uncanny X-Men 2001 Annual


Absolute Progeny

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cardstock cover by ASHLEY WOOD
• THE SCOOP: Acclaimed artist Ashley Wood (Hellspawn) brings a
twisted look to the X-Men as he cuts loose in the MarvelScope format… now
upgraded with a cardstock cover!
• THE STORY: The team investigates a dangerous new “Designer Gene”
smuggling ring — and uncover a chilling side of the mutant phenomenon! And as a
small Texas town is overrun by young mutants on a rampage, a classic adversary
from the X-Men’s past returns, more ruthless than ever!
• THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads… and now with a cardstock cover!
Like the NEW X-MEN 2001 ANNUAL, this double-sized adventure truly delivers that
“widescreen” feel by creating a stapled spine not on the vertical side, but on
the horizontal top!

Publication date: 2001

Absolute Progeny

A new designer drug that gives regular folks mutant powers for a short while is hitting the streets and the trail the X-Men follow leads to an old foe.

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