Uncanny X-Men #489


The Extremists Part Three

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Written by ED BRUBAKER Pencils and Cover by SALVADOR LARROCA “The Extremists” With the Morlocks committing terrorist acts, it's up to the X-Men to stop them and figure out why these normally-peaceful mutants have turned to violence.  Guest-starring Storm and her friends in the Fantastic Four!  Part 3 (of 6). FEATURING ENDANGERED SPECIES CHAPTER 6 The Beast journeys deep into the heart of darkness at Neverland and discovers an old nemesis… PRODUCT UPDATE (062707): Will be 40 pages long, not 32 as solicited.

Publication date: October 2007

The Extremists Part Three

Masque has disfigured a subway car full of humans and posted a movie on the internet warning humans that the few remaining mutants left are weapons aimed directly at them. Storm uses the FF’s resources to track the Morlocks. Sentinel Squad O*N*E soldiers reach the Morlocks first and are brutally murdered. The X-Men arrive after the carnage is complete and find Skids still alive buried under some rubble. When the X-Men are attacked by a Sentinel, Skids tells it to stand down and reveals that she is an undercover agent of SHIELD.

Endangered Species Chapter Six

Following the death of all 6,000 residents of the Neverland mutant concentration camp, Beast talks ethics with his Age of Apocalypse counterpart and ends up doing the unthinkable–agreeing to work with the Dark Beast to find a solution to the mutant crisis.

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