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Chapter 1: Over the Rooftops

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by Naoki Urasawa Tenma is lying low in Frankfurt, but his brief respite is doomed to be short-lived. Milan, one of Tenma's new friends, is planning to assassinate a man with deep ties to “Red Rose Mansion.” Can Tenma dissuade him from this drastic line of action? Also, a seemingly unrelated string of murders by various serial killers hints at a sinister connection with Johan. How many more people need to die before the monster's work is complete? Rating: T+

Publication date: August 2008

Chapter 1: Over the Rooftops

Chapter 2: A Friend’s Answer

Chapter 3: Taxi Driver

Chapter 4: Unrelated Murders

Chapter 5: The Baby’s Depression

Chapter 6: Footsteps of Terror

Chapter 7: Johan’s Footprints

Chapter 8: The Massacre

Chapter 9: Mother and Father

Chapter 10: Welcome Home

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