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Riddle of the Talking Lions

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by William Moulton Marston; art by Harry G. Peter & Various More incredible Golden Age tales of the Amazon Princess – many never-before reprinted – are collected in Wonder Woman Archives Volume 2, a beautiful hardcover that joins the popular first volume in giving comics’ foremost super-heroine her due.¬†¬†Written by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston, with art by Harry G. Peter (among others), this expertly restored collection includes the first story to pit Wonder Woman against Mars, a classic tale that includes the origin of the God of War. In stories reprinted from Wonder Woman (1st series) #2-4 and Sensation Comics #13-17, Wonder Woman – in her guise as demure Diana Prince – wages incredible battles in the cause of peace, thwarting saboteurs, fifth columnists and others as World War II rages on. HC, 7×10, 240pg, FC

Publication date: [January] 2000

Riddle of the Talking Lions

Wonder Woman takes Bobby to the zoo, where they meet Steve Trevor and his niece. The two kids discover that one of the lions can talk, but are unaware the “talk” comes from a radio swallowed by the lion which the Nazis use to communicate. This leads Wonder Woman and Steve to Cairo where they uncover Princess Yasmini and her group of spies.

The Treachery of Mavis

Paula had passed her tests, but in failing to oversee the reformation of a slave girl and the rubber magnates, Wonder Woman has failed twice, which backfires when one of her charges takes revenge.

The Rubber Barons

To complete the third test of Aphrodite, Paula uses her subconscious X-ray machine to understand the motives of war-profiteering rubber magnates, so as to “change the character of men and make them serve their fellow humans.”

Mole Men of the Underworld

In her second test, Paula must reform the Mole Men of the underworld, which she and Wonder Woman accomplish by opening the Mole Men’s eyes surgically to the beauty of the girls they enslave.

Man-Hating Madness

Paula von Gunther undertakes a series of Amazon tests to prove herself worthy to serve Aphrodite, and her first test: aiding Wonder Woman foil a Japanese plot to drive American women insane.

The Masked Menace

Diana is invited to the Candy Ranch to witness Etta’s wedding to a Hungarian Prince, but soon discovers he is a fake and Nazi agent. When Steve and Wonder Woman are captured, the Holliday Girls help save the day.

Victory at Sea

Diana Prince survives the explosion of a bomb planted in her desk by the local bootblack, and, when he makes another attempt, it leads Wonder Woman to sea to stop a Nazi invasion.

Ordeal of Fire

In preventing a Nazi plot to destroy a munitions factory and saving Wonder Woman’s life, Paula von Gunther is redeemed and accepted into Aphrodite’s service as a neophyte.

The Secret of Baroness Von Gunther

Learning the cause of Paula’s villainy, Wonder Woman travels to Nazi Germany to retrieve the Baroness’ daughter from a concentration camp.

The Devilish Devices of Baroness Von Gunther

Paula enslaves Steve and Wonder Woman and leads them into an underground deathtrap.

A Spy on Paradise Island

Wonder Woman flies to Paradise Island to celebrate Diana’s Day, unaware she’s brought a stowaway– one of Paula von Gunther’s slave girls, intent on killing Wonder Woman and guiding a Japanese destroyer to the Amazon homeland.

The Story of Fir Balsam

Wonder Woman is tracking Nazis in the town of Greenville, and discovers that the Carter family is a victim of Nazi Carl Natz, who, along with his gang, has taken the Carter children hostage.

Wonder Woman Is Dead!

Diana Prince knows that news of Wonder Woman’s death in an explosion is false, especially when the body is discovered to be a dead woman dressed up as the super heroine. Later, she discovers a spy ring operating within Army intelligence and nearly loses her life for real attempting to stop the ring.

The Count of Conquest

Using her love of competition, charity, and handsome men against her, Lord Conquest captures Wonder Woman and brings her to Mars a captive slave.

The Duke of Deception

Framed for murder, Wonder Woman is then taken prisoner by the victim, as the Duke of Deception manipulates Hirohito to attack Hawaii.

The Earl of Greed

Wonder Woman plays baseball to help keep Holliday College open, undermining the Earl of Greed’s attempt to use the school as a channel to the U.S. Treasury.

Mars, The God of War

Mars kidnaps Steve Trevor to lure Wonder Woman to his home planet, where she secretly participates in the war tournaments while searching for Steve.

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